Bucket List

As I’ve grown, I’ve sort of had this vision of how I want my life to play out. There is a dilemma with that, though. One, my mind is constantly changing. Two, if there’s one thing life has taught me is that plans don’t always end up playing out the way you want them too. Unexpected things happen, good and bad.

With many unexpected turns however, there are some things I’ve always wanted to do and have gotten the chance to do. There are also many other things I’ve still yet to do. Here is a list of some of those things:

  1. Air boat across an alligator-infested swamp (totally had the chance to do this while in LA and missed!)
  2. Dog Sled
  3. Ride a Zip Line Ride
  4. Explore a Cave
  5. Hold a Shark
  6. RIDE IN A HOT AIR BALLOON (Want this so bad!)
  7. Sail a Boat
  8. Snowboard
  9. Swim with Dolphins
  10. Swim with Sharks
  11. Walk a Suspension Bridge IMG_0404
  12. Walk on hot coals
  13. Wrap a snake around my neck
  14. Attend a Rodeo
  15. Be up close and personal with an elephant (Again so bad!)
  16. Climb a volcano
  17. Drive through a dust storm
  18. Feed a crocodile
  19. Feed a koala bear
  20. Herd cattle
  21. Hold a monkey
  22. Horseback ride on the beach
  23. Kiss a sea lion
  24. Make a snowman
  25. Milk a cow
  26. Relax in a natural hot spring
  27. Release baby turtles into the ocean
  28. Ride in a horse and carriage
  29. Roll in a huge pile of leaves
  30. See a coral reef
  31. Sleep in a Yurt
  32. Sleep in an igloo
  33. Stand under a waterfall
  34. Start fire without matches
  35. Swim in the ocean 10200439571604222
  36. Swim with a school of fish
  37. Swim with manatees
  38. Swim with sea turtles
  39. Walk on a black sand beach
  40. Whale watching
  41. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
  42. Meet a blog reader in person
  43. Meet a world leader
  44. Meet someone famous
  45. Meet the president
  46. Organize a family portrait
  47. Reconnect with an old friend
  48. Share a cab with a stranger
  49. Sing a karaoke duet
  50. Surprise someone
  51. Act in a play
  52. Create a family tree
  53. Make a candle
  54. Knit a scarf
  55. Make a handmade gift
  56. Make a handmade greeting card
  57. Start a blog (Thanks Sis)
  58. Take pictures in a photo booth
  59. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  60. Attend a music festival
  61. Attend a wedding in a different country
  62. Attend a poetry reading
  63. Attend a white party
  64. Be a game show contestant
  65. Be a member of  TV studio audience
  66. Design a room I love
  67. Go on a cruise DSC01091
  68. Go to a Blues Bar
  69. Go to a Drive-In movie
  70. Go to a Renaissance Festival
  71. Go to the movies by myself
  72. Host a game night
  73. Join a Flash Mob
  74. Learn a line dance
  75. Meet Oprah
  76. Read the book before the movie
  77. Ride a mechanical bull
  78. Ride on a Ferris Wheel
  79. See a 3-D movie
  80. See a ballet
  81. See a broadway play
  82. See a Cirque du Soleil Show
  83. See a Foreign Film DSC00961
  84. See a TED talk live
  85. See the Tour de France
  86. See a Wimbledon Match Live
  87. See an opera
  88. See my favorite band play live
  89. Sing karaoke in public
  90. Throw an improv class
  91. Find the perfect black dress
  92. Get a blow out
  93. Get a fish pedicure
  94. Get a foot massage
  95. Get acupuncture
  96. Go on a clothes shopping spree
  97. Go a week without makeup
  98. Have a facial
  99. Hit the town with bright red lips
  100. Own a pair of red-bottom shoes
  101. Sit front row at a fashion show
  102. Spend the day at a resort spa 10200439575124310
  103. Take a mud bath
  104. Try brow threading
  105. Try cupping therapy
  106. Wear fake eyelashes
  107. Be a Leader in my field
  108. Flip a house
  109. Attend a tea tasting
  110. Bake a cake for someone special
  111. Bake a loaf of bread
  112. Catch, Cook & Eat a fish
  113. Cook a traditional dish from a different culture
  114. Cook with a celebrity chef
  115. Drink Juice from a fresh coconut
  116. Eat breakfast in bed
  117. Eat alone at a restaurant
  118. Eat an insect
  119. Go Wine tasting
  120. Learn to use chopsticks (I seriously CAN’T learn!)
  121. Leave a 100% tip for a server
  122. Make a gingerbread house
  123. Order one of everything on a menu
  124. Stomp grapes
  125. Take a cooking class
  126. Toss pizza dough in the air
  127. Try Deep-fried twinkies
  128. Eat Alligator
  129. Obsess over sushi
  130. Be a tourist in my own town
  131. Be on a jumbotron at a stadium
  132. Find a pearl in an oyster
  133. Go Canoeing
  134. Haggle at an open market DSC01017
  135. Have a white Christmas
  136. Invent something
  137. Learn the Heimlich Manuever
  138. Slide down a firehouse pole
  139. Skinny dip
  140. Solve a Rubiks Cube
  141. Be a Mentor
  142. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  143. Do a charity walk
  144. Do a random act of kindness
  145. Donate books
  146. Donate clothing
  147. Donate toys at the holidays
  148. Entertain the elderly at a nursing home
  149. Feed a homeless person
  150. Get a college degree (x2) DSC_0195-161
  151. Help an endangered/injured animal
  152. Learn the alphabet in sign language
  153. Learn to play a song on an instrument (Does mary had a little lamb count?)
  154. Learn to say “hello” in 10 languages
  155. List 10 things I am grateful for each day
  156. Make a significant change in someone’s life
  157. Master a new language
  158. Meditate
  159. Plant a tree
  160. Put change into someone’s expired meter
  161. Read a banned book
  162. Say “thank you” in 10 languages
  163. Send a care package to a soldier
  164. Send flowers to myself
  165. Spend a day helping at a children’s hospital
  166. Spend the entire day by myself
  167. Sponser a Child’s wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  168. Volunteer
  169. Write a letter to my future self
  170. Attend the olympics
  171. Climb an indoor rock wall
  172. Do a belly dance
  173. Do a handstand
  174. Drink only water for a week
  175. Go deep sea fising
  176. Go to a yoga retreat
  177. Kayak IMG_0309
  178. Karate chop and break a wood board
  179. Learn to ice skate backwards
  180. Make a hole in one
  181. Mud wrestle
  182. Take a self defense class
  183. Take a soul cycle class
  184. Take a yoga class IMG_0782 (1)
  185. Take a zumba class
  186. Fly in a helicopter
  187. Go in a submarine
  188. Ride a camel
  189. Ride a segway
  190. Ride in a gondola
  191. Ride in a Tuk Tuk
  192. Ride on a scary roller coaster
  193. Attend a Luau
  194. Attend a unique small-town festival
  195. Celebrate a holiday in a different country DSCN0464
  196. Climb a lighthouse
  197. Explore a rainforest
  198. Go on a safari
  199. Go on a spontaneous road trip
  200. Sleep in a teepee
  201. Sleep in an ice hotel
  202. Step foot in all 7 continents
  203. Take a trip with mom
  204. Throw a dart at a map and just go
  205. Touch a pyramid
  206. Tour a Mayan ruin
  207. Vacation solo
  208. Vacation with a stranger
  209. Visit 100 UNESCO World heritage sites
  210. Visit a castle DSCN0404
  211. Visit a ghost town 
  212. Visit a temple
  213. Visit all 50 states
  214. Walk on a glacier
  215. See the Northern lights
  216. …MTC

There are many things I want to do. I’m sure this list will keep growing as more items are added! Let me know what’s on your bucket list. I’d love to hear about it and I’ll periodically be updating this list!


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