About Light Lifestyle


Hello! My name is Valerie. Family calls me Lynn. I like to think my best friend is my large, brown, insanely-active, dog. (I seriously can tell him anything and he doesn’t judge!). I’m an extroverted introvert who loves spending time with family & friends but love having time to myself as well. I am the oldest of two girls. Happy to say my little sis and I are super close! I’m a planner, but I am the worst at following my own plans. My mind and plans change every 10 minutes. I tend to be happiest by the sun and water but I love a good hike and mountain view. I’m an early-bird and proud. I am a huge procrastinator. Lover of travel, food (new and old), iced coffee, and getting lost. I like to say I’m easy to please – low maintenance anyone? I’ll swoon over sweet words. I’ve never met a pasta dish I didn’t like. Strong believer of kindness & being there for others.

I currently hold a B.A. in International Studies. I also have a master of Public Service and Administration (MPA). I completed both of these degrees at Texas A&M University. I truly believe I am on this earth to serve and help others as best as I can. I like making friends, family, and even complete strangers smile and letting them know there is always someone out there who cares.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments!