Sunday morning was like no other. I woke up, opened up my laptop, and made my way to the number of emails that were just waiting for me to open them. I saw one particular email from Yahoo with the subject line “‘Norts’ and a T-Shirt is the ‘Trashiest’ and Most Popular Look of the Summer“. Now naturally, I clicked.

If you don’t know, I am from Texas. I went to university in Texas, most of my family lives in Texas, I grew up and still live in Texas. University life in the Lone Star State is different to say the least. Football is everything and when it comes to dressing for class, comfort definitely triumphs over style. Walk onto my alma mater’s grounds and you’ll see that 99% of female students are wearing what has been known as Norts and an oversized t-shirt. Norts is basically a combination of the words nike shorts.


During winter months, this look is usually changed up by adding leggings to the mix.

What attracted me to the article was the title; what made me stay was the content. The article identified different individuals who were bashing the look saying the look was “unattractive, trashy, the ugliest outfit a girl could wear”.

The article also posted a rant made by a very angry man who was upset about girls in “the fanciest areas of Dallas” dressing like this, saying this attire “is something you would wear to take out the trash”. Thus, the hashtag trashwalkers was created.


The backlash was excellent! There were so many girls defending the style. In the summer months, Texas can get as high as 110+ degrees. This style is not only comfy but it is practical. I also think it is a bit sad that women still have to defend what they are wearing.

The point of this post is this. We are never going to please everyone. We should also stop being preoccupied with what others are wearing especially if not’s hurting you. If it really bothers you, then one, I invite you to try it and if you still hate it then at least you can say tried.

I still love trendy pieces and I like picking out cute outfits, but on those 100+ days you know I’ll still be resorting to my comfy tees and shorts. To all my fellow #trashwalkers out there, keep doing you! I’ll continue wearing athletic shorts/leggings and oversized t-shirts as long as it keeps me cool and comfy!



3 thoughts on “#Trashwalker

  1. This is definitely not a go to look for me but it is one i rock when all i want is comfort and I just cbf doing anything else. Men and women need to realise there are more important things in life than bagging out other people. But I have to say, that guy must have a pretty good life if his only real issue is what women are wearing and how much he hates it.

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  2. Apparently the guy doesn’t go around college campus areas very often in the Southern Stares. All girls wear in Arkansas are oversized shirts and norts. It gets SO hot here and the humidity is awful. The heat index yesterday was 105. Awful.

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