A roundup of my favorite nail shades

Good afternoon, friends!

It’s July 1st and today I’ll be doing something a little different on Light Lifestyle. I’ll be rounding up some of my favorite nail colors to sport!

I kid you not when I say you’ll either find me wearing a dark maroon/brown/black shade or a pale pink.


Exhibit A: Here I am with the dark nail polish color you’ll usually find me in! There’s just something classic and if I do say so myself, daring, about sporting a dark color on your nails.

Here are some brands you can pick up at drugstores and most make-up retailers:

  1. O.P.I: Shh… It’s top secret!
  2. Essie: Frock n roll
  3. Essie: Wicked
  4. Essie: Bordeaux

In between the dark and pastel shades, I opted for a white nail color:


Exhibit B: Me sporting the rare white color


  1. O.P.I: Alpine Snow
  2. Let’s Gogh Gel Polish: Keepin’ it Realism


My other favorite color is the pale pink shade. In the warmer months, this is the color I’ll grab.

IMG_0353 (1)

Exhibit C: Love, love, love the pale pink color! Essie’s Fiji has got to be my fave!


Another color I love but don’t get often are tan/neutral colors. I am naturally tan so these colors would just get lost on me. However, I’m sure these colors would look great on others!


When it comes to doing my own nails or getting them done, I’ll often opt for a gel manicure. There’s something about getting your nails done that is just so relaxing! I can get a gel manicure for about 13 bucks so I try and take advantage of that price, but if for any reason I decide not to get a manicure, I highly recommend Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel color. It does not chip and they have sooooo many colors!

There you go friends! I hope you liked this recap of my favorite nail polishes. Let me know in the comments below what your favorites are! Until next time!


6 thoughts on “A roundup of my favorite nail shades

  1. This totally matches my favorite nail shades 😊 In winter its all darks like black/brown/burgundy and in spring/summer i go for pinks and taupes. Whats the name of that pink OPI polish? Have a lovely weekend 💕


  2. Essie “sugar daddy” and “mooning” are my to die for’s. Sugar daddy is pale pink but almost looks like you just have naturally pretty nails 😂. Burgundies all the way for fall!


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