Favorite Summer Sales

These past couple of weeks I’ve woken up to numerous emails from my favorite stores with subject lines like “50% off!” and “Entire Store on Sale!”. As an avid shopper, I live for discounts and sales racks. I’m not the only one out there, am I? On today’s post I will be sharing what I believe to be some of the best items out there with a not so ridiculous price. They’ll be cute too!

Gap Factory

I’m lucky enough to have a Gap Factory near me. Currently, this shop is offering 50% off (or more) off everything plus clearance is an extra 70% off. HOORAH! These are some of my faves:

J. Crew Factory

Just like Gap Factory, J. Crew Factory isn’t too far from me. J. Crew Fac. is offering 50% off everything plus an additional 50% clearance with code: fourthfun! Guess where my eye is naturally attracted to?! Check out these beauties:



Loft‘s classic pieces keep me coming back for more. Their current sale will definitely not disappoint. Loft is currently offering 50% off everything.


More stores offering sales:

There you go friends! Some of my favorites sales and pieces of the summer. I think I’d call this the summer of 50% off sales, wouldn’t you think? Let me know what piece is your favorite and if you have any other suggestions. Until next time!



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