Spontaneous Travel Tips!

In the past I’ve tried and succeeded in booking get-aways with no plan whatsoever. One afternoon I decided to go to New Orleans. While New Orleans isn’t too far of a drive from Texas, you’ll be surprised of how spontaneous it can feel.

The other recent trip I randomly booked was a spring break trip to Boston, Massachusetts. While I had no plans for these small trips (except for a last-minute ghost walking tour of New Orleans – which was so fun!), both trips ended up being a great time.

Here are my tips if you decide to take a spontaneous trip:

  • Check airline websites for discounts. I kid you not, this is how I book and find super inexpensive trips. Examples include:
    • spirit airlines – Spirit is currently having a 50% OFF of their roundtrip flights using code 50PCT. Go check it out!!!
    • united airlines – you’ll be able to find some deals on here although it tends to be small
    • southwest airlines – same as above
    • skyscanner.com – great cheap alternatives
    • WoW! Airlines
    • Scott’s Cheap Flights – My sis says this is a great alternative! You must be ready to book in 48 hours as flights fly away (no pun intended ;)) Great trips abroad in the $300-$400 range.

* Be aware that these low-budget airlines do have additional fees, but overall they may still be less than major airlines

  • Where to stay: After booking a flight, the next step would be where to stay. Hostels and Airbnbs are great budget alternatives to hotels. I’ve tried both and they both offer great amenities. For example, for solo travelers, hostels allow you to meet others for those night you want to be around others. Group Airbnbs also have this.
  • What to do: One of the biggest dilemmas in planning a trip is figuring out what to do once you’re actually there. This can include places to eat as well. I really recommend looking up Free Tours by Foot. They are EVERYWHERE and you are bound to find something you like! When looking up restaurants and places to eat, I highly recommend yelp. It is actually super easy to find yummy and restaurants for all budgets!

I hope these tips help plan your next spontaneous trip. These trips can be so rewarding although I will admit they can put a damper on your wallet πŸ™‚

Let me know in the comments below where you’re planning on going next! I’m always up for hearing about other adventures!


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